Acuity Advance HD2545 X2 & HD2545W X2

Double sized print bed with same print quality

The Acuity Advance X2 comes with a double sized print bed of 3.05 by 2.5m, giving you greater flexibility for your printing demands, while ensuring the same print quality.


The Acuity series of flatbed printers is Fujifilm's most popular flatbed product ever. The Acuity Advance offers tremendous value for customers and is acclaimed for its rich, opaque white ink. A variable droplet printer, the Acuity Advance is renowned for its exceptional image quality as well as sharp, clean text. Its 4' x 8' print area and small footprint make it the ideal entry point for the customer looking to add their first flatbed press. Like the other members of the Acuity series, it is available as a standalone unit or with the roll media option.