Medical X-ray

Medical X-ray

AUTOMATIC X-RAY is an all-liquid chemistry in concentrated form for the processing of medical X-ray films in automatic roller transport processors. AUTOMATIC X-RAY Developer & Replenisher are used to prepare either a Developer working tank

solution in conjunction with a Starter (sold separately), or a replenisher solution to maintain the activity of the tank solution as films are being processed through the machine. X-ray Fixer & Replenisher are the companion product of AUTOMATIC X-RAY Developer. No starter addition is necessary. Once diluted, the X-ray fixer can be used as a machine tank solution or as a replenisher.

XD-25 Developer is a single all-liquid concentrate designed for processing a wide range of radical X-ray emulsions under normal manual processing conditions. XF-25 Fixer is recommended as the companion product.


  • 833498 AUTO X-RAY D/R (2X20L)
  • 833505 AUTO X-RAY F/R (2X20L)
  • 833630 AUTO X-RAY D/S 6X1L CONC
  • 873498 AUTO X-RAY D/R (2X20L)
  • 873505 AUTO X-RAY F/R (2X20L)
  • 873510 SP AUTO X-RAY D/R (2X20L)
  • 873630 AUTO X-RAY D/S 6X1L CONC


  • 873460 XD-25 [4X25L]
  • 873460 XD-25 (4X25L)
  • 873500 XF-25 [4X25L]