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Fujifilm's Proprietary Inkjet Paper Technology

Fujifilm痴 proprietary inkjet paper technology is used in the photo base paper.

Extreme refinement of the structure of nano-particles.

The nano-porous ink receiving layer has been refined to improve the smoothness of the surface while providing a luxurious gloss. This also leads to higher density of output images, producing the appearance of a deep sense of dimensionality.

The material for the ink receiving layer has been further refined and uniformly applied to the surface using thin-layer application technology.

Image sharpness is improved by fixating the image on the surface of the paper. The layer has been made much clearer and more uniform to produce smoother granulation.

High black density and purer whiteness

A feeling of depth is reproduced due to rich tones provided by high black density and purer whiteness of the paper itself.

©Shin Yoshino

Vivid colors

Fine details and smooth gradients are reproduced in vivid colors. A high-grade feel is also provided by the rich tones.

Extra glossiness and outstanding sharpness

The image clarity of the paper surface has been finely balanced to produce an “innovative gloss” that appeals to the visual senses.

Fujifilm's Inkjet Paper

Flat, smooth surface for extra glossiness.

Unflattened paper

Uneven surface prevents glossy finish.